When ordering glass windows for your home, there are four easy steps you must follow to get the exact fit that you’re looking for. Before you order the window, be sure to measure the width of the opening to get the right length and width. When you measure for height, make sure to take all three measurements. The window may not be perfectly parallel, so you must take all three measurements. If you have a curved frame, it’s important to measure from both sides, not just the top or bottom.

Before you place your order, prepare the window frame. The frame needs to have a rabbet, a groove cut into it to accommodate the glass. Remove old metal glazing points and sand the frame down to the bare wood. Apply a primer to the frame and fill in any gaps. Now you can insert the new glass into the frame. Once the new glass is installed, make sure that all of the seams are sealed and that the trim is even.


The next step is to measure the old glass in your window. Start by removing the old one. Wear leather gloves to protect your hands. Once you’ve measured, use a hammer to remove the old glass. Putty is an adhesive that holds the replacement pane in place. Then, use a putty knife to cut the new pane to the correct size. After the putty has dried, you should apply silicone or double-sided foam tape to the inside of the window.

Before installing the new window, remove the old glass and trim. You will need to measure the frame before you install the new glass. If you’re replacing the sash, you need to remove the old window and then cut the sash to size. After cutting, you’ll need to clean the frame. Be sure to use a flat blade screwdriver for this. You will also need to remove the old trim on the window.

Once you’ve ordered the glass, you need to remove the old glass before installing it. This will make it easier to place the new one. If you’re replacing an existing window, you need to take measurements of the frame to ensure that the new one will fit properly. Remember to take a piece of the old and the current glass to ensure that it will fit. If you’re replacing an entire window, you should measure both the interior and exterior frame and glass.

When replacing an old window, you must prepare the frame first before you install the new glass. You’ll need a hammer, a utility knife, and a glass cleaner. After you remove the old window, you’ll need to remove the old silicone and trim. Then, you’ll need to prepare the frame for the new glass. You’ll need to remove the old glass and then use the new window to install the new one.

Measure the window to be replaced. This is an easy process, but you must take a few steps to prepare the frame. You’ll need to remove the old glass first, then measure the new one. Then, you’ll need to remove the old window frame and trim before putting in the new one. You will also need to use a hammer and a rag to pick up the pieces of broken glass.

Measure the opening and remove the old glass. You’ll need to use leather gloves to remove the old glass. You’ll also need to apply masking tape to the edges of the window to prevent the new one from breaking. After you have the correct size and shape of the window, you can then place the new one in the frame. Then, you’ll need to carefully replace the old trim. Then, apply new caulk and putty, then reinstall the replacement.

Replacing the Glass

To replace the glass, first remove the old glass. Use leather gloves to prevent injuries. To avoid breakage, place masking tape in a crisscross pattern on the glass. Once the window is removed, make sure to clean up all the debris and putty. Once the replacement window has been fitted, you’re ready to replace the old one. So, go ahead and install your new glass. You’ll be glad you did.

Or you could hire a professional to take the stress out of the installation. Contact our team for more information.

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