January 3, 2019|0 comments

Why Is Our Double Glazing So Famous?

There are numerous benefits of installing double glazing in your home, but what exactly are these? Essentially, double glazing is a process that uses two panes of glass in place of one. This helps to reduce the amount of heat entering and escaping your home, which makes your home more comfortable throughout the entire year. It can also decrease the …

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December 12, 2018|0 comments

Four Steps to Order Windows for Replacement

When ordering glass windows for your home, there are four easy steps you must follow to get the exact fit that you’re looking for. Before you order the window, be sure to measure the width of the opening to get the right length and width. When you measure for height, make sure to take all three measurements. The window may not be perfectly pa …

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November 30, 2018|0 comments

Ten Quick Tips Regarding Window Maintainence

When cleaning glass windows, avoid using products containing ammonia and alcohol, as they will leave streaks and wipe marks. Instead, use rubbing alcohol or acetone for difficult spots. These products will not cause streaks or visible strokes. Maintenance of your glass will extend its life. Choosing the Right Cleaner The next tip for cleaning glass wi …

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